Cash machines at fairgrounds


The following cash machines are located in the direct neighbourhood of MTP Poznań EXPO:

Santander Bank Polska, ul. Głogowska 16,

PKO SA, ul. Głogowska 26,

PKO BP, ul. Głogowska 10,

A cash machine is also located at the Main Station (Dworzec Główny), which is in front of MTP Poznań EXPO.

Withdrawal of cash while shopping is now available on MTP fairgrounds in MTP Cafe points.

To take advantage of the cashback service you just need to have a debit card, make a small purchase and indicate that you want to withdraw cash before the card transaction. The checkout assistant will settle the purchase and then will withdraw the amount requested by you. The transaction is confirmed using the PIN code assigned to the card and is settled in a separate receipt. 

Withdrawal limits and transaction fees depend on the individual contracts with the bank.