City Marketing

As City Marketing we help develop the concept and carry out effective promotional campaigns for companies, brands and products through the use of various marketing communication channels.

We select tools and channels of communication with the customer.

We implement technical projects! We implement advertising projects, printing, rent advertising structures, shoot footages, produce advertising spots.




Our locations

Are you planning an outdoor campaign? Are you wondering what carriers to choose for it? Advertising on bus shelters, or maybe citylight poles? Check all our locations and decide where your message will be most visible.

Advertising on classic and citylight

In the very center of Poznań, i.e. where the daily routes of thousands of Poznań residents crossing between work, home, restaurant, cinema, museum, school and a shopping mall, you can find our carriers that attract the eyes and attention of even the most busy residents. Use this potential! Do you organize cultural, sports or social events? Or maybe you want to promote a local initiative or extend the reach of a larger campaign? Advertising columns are a proven solution!

Advertising on bus shelters (citylights and LCD screens)

Our shelters are located throughout Poznań: at stations, tram loops, roundabouts, underground passages and large intersections, i.e. wherever the recipient of your messages appears. Whether waiting for an oncoming tram or bus or a green light. During a stop, his attention is focused on stimuli from the immediate environment.

Backlights in top locations in Poznań

We have as many as 12 backlights for you located in places with high traffic density. Backlights are a modern and aesthetic form of outdoor advertising. Advertising media are illuminated at the back, thanks to which the poster (made of a special material) transmits the emitted light. In this way, the entire advertisement is illuminated and your message is always noticed.

Advertising at the Poznań-Ławica airport

We are the exclusive operator of advertising space at the Poznań - Ławica airport, which serves almost 2 million passengers. At the airport, we have all the spaces at our disposal: baggage claim halls, check-in, Schengen and No-Schengen halls. We also have to develop the space around the airport, e.g. parking lots. In addition to classic advertising media, our offer includes modern citylight, digital and LED screens. These types of solutions allow our clients, advertising agencies and media houses to flexibly plan an advertising message that can be adapted to the time of the day, week or weekend.

Megaboards by the highway

Traveling on the motorway is characterized by a uniform, monotonous landscape, therefore a well-designed and creative advertising on a megaboard will quickly attract the attention of the driver and passengers. This will increase the recognition of your brand, product or service. Such carriers are an excellent source of communication for both marketing communication, which translates into the achievement of sales goals, as well as social, image and CSR campaigns.

Advertising in the "Sukces po Poznańsku" Magazine

This magazine is aimed at both Poznań residents and people who come to the capital of Greater Poland and stay here. We publish exclusive interviews, valuable reports and an overview of places you need to visit. The monthly circulation is 5,000 copies.