Local Trends: The most important talks about local government


Difficult times are ahead of local governments. Rising costs of living, reducing income and the need to cut expenses are problems faced by almost all city and municipal offices in Poland. That is why the exchange of experiences and joint search for new solutions are so important now. An opportunity for this will be Local Trends — the European Self-Government Forum, which will be held at the Poznań Congress Centre on 17–18 October.


The European Local Government Forum is a meeting of representatives of: local governments of all levels, business, politics and science. For two days, the most important problems faced by local government units will be discussed, and finally — the developed recommendations.

The second edition of the Forum will be dominated by topics related to the new EU financial perspective, as well as the security and energy independence of local governments. A lot of space will be devoted to building intelligent, innovative and green cities. Participants of Local Trends will discuss, inter alia, on how to meet rising energy costs and finance a green transition. They will share their experiences and visions of building an innovative city, and will also try to answer the question of how to take care of people with a refugee experience.

A lot of space during the Forum will be devoted to the exchange of experiences and presentation of good practices. This will be achieved, among others, by The Good Practice Arena. Here you will be able to hear about intelligent city lamps that support security, the organisation of schools and kindergartens in the context of the influx of children from Ukraine or shaping the senior policy.

As part of the European Self-Government Forum, the Congress of the Regions will also be held. Awards will be given in the Newsweek N15 ranking and the Forbes Business-Friendly Cities ranking.

For the first time, the Urban Development Forum will be part of the ESF. Its sixth edition will be held under the slogan: 'When the differences recede — what gives the city a sense of community?'.

The organisers of the Local Trends — European Self-Government Forum are Grupa MTP and Fundacja Centrum Myśli Strategicznych (Strategic Thoughts Centre Foundation). The event will be held on 17–18 October 2022 at the Poznań Congress Centre at the MTP Poznań Expo fairgrounds. You can register for the forum here: https://rejestracjapoznan.localtrends.pl/

More: www.localtrends.pl/efs-poznan/