International experts on our cybersecurity


"Ransomware," "Data breach," "Brute force," "Cross-site scripting," "Bait and switch." What connects all these terms?

These are just a few of the many hundreds of types of hacking attacks, whose intention, in a broad sense, is to cause harm to their target: IT infrastructure or invaluable data. The extent of the damage depends largely on the "qualifications" of the hackers, but most importantly, on the initiators of the attack – whether the "victim" is to be an annoying neighbor's smartphone, a satellite network, or critical infrastructure of an adversarial state.

How to avoid or minimize the consequences of such attacks? We will be discussing this at the International Cybersecurity Congress, INSECON, taking place in Poznań on April 15-16, 2024. The Congress is co-organized by the Ministry of National Defense and the Grupa MTP.

INSECON is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness of current and future threats in cyberspace. Renowned global experts and practitioners have been invited to participate in the event, where they will define new directions for cybersecurity, particularly in critical areas. Among the speakers sharing their knowledge will be: Mirosław Maj – President of the Safe Cyberspace Foundation; Robert Kośla - Chief Cybersecurity Architect for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region in Microsoft's global Security Service Line; Adam Haertle - Chief Reactor at; Adam Lange - Head of Active Threat Monitoring at Standard Chartered Bank; Maj. Gen. Karol Molenda - Commander of the Cyber Defense Forces Component.

Transfer of knowledge and the latest solutions

Spectacular special zones will be launched during the INSECON Congress: : CyberHackLab - team games aimed at protecting cyberspace, Cyber Fortress - a simulation game involving the construction of an effective security system for the ICT environment and its protection, Start-up Zone - where innovative solutions in the field of IT protection will be presented.

Throughout the partner and exhibitor areas of INSECON, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest offerings from software developers, component manufacturers, hardware providers, and accessories that enhance the effectiveness of monitoring cyberspace and elevate the level of protection for computer systems.

The formal signing of the Letter of Intent regarding the joint implementation of the project by the Minister of National Defense and the President of Grupa MTP is scheduled for the following week at the Ministry of National Defense headquarters.

International Cybersecurity Congress INSECON | April 15-16, 2024, Poznań