Tickets - most important informations


The Poznań International Fair has prepared a broad range of ticket types in order to best meet your needs.

Detailed information concerning admission rules, ticket prices and entry halls open for the individual trade fairs can be found on the websites of the particular fairs in the "Information for visitors" tab.

Types of tickets:

  • Electronic Electronic - for price fairs enabling the purchase of websites in our clients, for consumer fairs tickets are available at our purchase prices
  • Purchased at ticket offices – ticket offices are available for the duration of the fair at the fair entrance lobbies; sale at the ticket offices is carried out if the tickets have not been sold out online

Reduced tickets:

  • For professional visitors after registration at  for professionals representing selected industries, specified separately for each fair
  • Student tickets – for student of selected faculties, specified separately for selected fairs, on the basis of a valid student ID
  • Group tickets – for organized groups (e.g. school groups), tickets available for selected events
  • Family tickets – for families with children up to 13 years of age, at least 3 persons related to each other including at least one child up to 13 years of age; tickets available for selected events

Fixed term tickets:

  • One-time ticket – entitling its holder to a one-time entry to the exhibition area
  • Multiple ticket – entitling its holder to multiple entries to the exhibition area on all days of a specific fair

Invoices for tickets purchased at the ticket office

Invoices can be obtained at the trade fair offices from a cashier, or via email after the trade fair, based on a completed form and an attached receipt submitted to the Manager in an open entry hall during the opening hours of the trade fair.

Invoices for electronic tickets

Purchased via can be ordered when purchasing a ticket or after purchasing a ticket by sending information to

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy a ticket to be sure that they are not sold out?

Tickets to trade fairs are not limited in general. However, the pre-sale of electronic tickets (which are usually cheaper than those sold at the ticket offices) concludes at least one day before the trade fair.  After the online pre-sale is concluded tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices. One exception are limited electronic entry tickets that are only available during the pre-sale, and sometimes only a small number of these is made available for sale.  Therefore it's best not to wait too long.

What are the ticket purchase limitations?

The Poznań International Fair organizes both strictly professional trade fairs intended exclusively for a closed audience group, as well as trade fairs intended for both professionals and the general public.

In the latter case the first two days are usually dedicated to the professionals - the price of tickets for people from outside of the industry is quite high then. We encourage schools and the wider public to attend during the last two days, however. We also prepare trade fairs that may be of interest to everyone (who is able to resist the charm of brand-name cars?) and we invite entire families to attend these events.

Detailed information on the individual trade fairs, the days of admission for the general public, and the ticket prices can be found on the individual sites of the specific trade fairs, in the pages for visitors under the "Entry Rules" tab.

I bought a one-time entry ticket. I have entered the trade fair but would like to go out to the city center for a while.  Will I be able to re-enter the trade fair using the same ticket?

No. A one-time entry ticket only allows the ticket holder to enter and leave the fairgrounds one time. We highly recommend that you plan your stay at the fairgrounds well and take all the necessary materials with you, or simply buy a multiple-entry ticket that will enable repeated entry to the fair grounds. During some trade fairs one-day tickets are also available for purchase.

I would like to purchase tickets for professionals for several people from our company and to receive a collective invoice. Do I have to fill out the survey for each person separately?

We recommend that you purchase tickets through the online service.  These tickets are usually cheaper than those available at the ticket offices, and you can fill out one survey for your company and then add subsequent employees later.  You will be able to pay for the tickets by bank transfer, distribute the printed out tickets to your employees before departure to the trade fair, and also order a collective invoice using service.

If you prefer to purchase tickets on the site, then you will need to fill out the survey, which entitles to the purchase of tickets at a ticket office, separately for every person. You will receive an invoice based on your receipt at the invoicing office.  The ticket offices, the registration surveys and the invoicing offices are available at all the entrance halls that are open during a given trade fair.