Order advertising campaign


An advertising campaign in the form of web banners displayed on the websites that are popular in the Google AdWords network to customers who visit a specific the Grupa MTP website (e.g. the website of Budma, Meble, PGA, etc.). Remarketing is conducive to building a positive image in the minds of customers. This action is effective, it brings relatively quick and satisfactory results. Thanks to redirecting customers to the indicated website you can attract new sales leads. The size of the so-called remarketing cart (the number of people who visited a particular site) is constantly growing before the fair, allowing you to reach a larger audience before, during and after the fair.

How does it work?

  1. A potential customer visits one of the Grupa MTP websites, for example www.budma.pl
  2. The customer's browser saves a "cookie".
  3. The selected advertising banner is displayed on other websites that the customer visits.
  4. The ads direct the customer to the selected/designated website. 


For details, please contact:

Agnieszka Jakubik