The Poznań Fair has always been and will be a place of international meetings, exchange of goods and services, business experiences and interweaving of cultures. The best example of this is the cross-cultural GIN DOBRY CLUB set up for MTP.

The Gin Dobry Club was not limited to British and Polish Nationals but extended to cover nationals of any country who had a predilection for gin and tonic and consequently the membership increased over the years. The Gin Dobry Club meetings have been held globally whenever a quorum or more have been present at 12 noon and the stirring cry of 'GIN DOBRY – FIRST TODAY!' has been heard through exhibition halls in most countries of the world, much to the amazement of the populace. Each member is presented with a certificate and badge in a very moving and solemn ceremony which is carried out with due decorum and it is by wearing the badge at all times that members are able to recognize each other.